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Introducing a breakthrough product, developed in Israel by Granalix, a Bio-Technology Company partnered with HADASSA Ein Kerem Hospital and YISUM at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • GranaGard “Nano-Omega 5” is a powerful naturally sourced antioxidant from Pomegranate Seed Oil with proven efficacy in supporting brain and body functions.
  • Innovative US Patented Nano-Self Emulsion-Technology which allows for maximum absorption and increasing bioavailability of active Ingredient to the different body tissues,including the brain.
  • GranaGard capsules form nano drops of oil in the stomach which, due to their tiny size (200 nanometers- in accordance with FDA and EFSA regulations), are easily absorbed into the digestive tract and bloodstream. The active ingredient in the oil (PUNICIC ACID) then reaches the desired targets in the body serving as a powerful and highly effective antioxidant and cell protector.
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